10 Pictures That Describe You At A Lecture Hall

In every lecture hall you’ll probably find different kinds of people but here are some 10 pictures that describe you at a lecture hall.

The Sleeper

They can exhibit every kind of sleeping skills in the lecture hall. They will probably put their head on the table and sleep if only the lecturer doesn’t mind

Confused Person

How was lectures today ?

For your information, everything the lecturer is saying at the lecture hall is gibberish to them.

The I’m always on phone person


They can’t seem to leave their phone alone. You wouldn’t know why, but for them, they only get notifications from Whatsapp and Twitter only at the lecture hall

The serious one

Very attentive in class and they’re ever ready to write any test and pass if the lecturer decides to conduct one

The one who wants the lecture to end so they leave

Hurry up… I want to leave

You don’t even know what they do for a living aside schooling. They’re always in a hurry to go somewhere else.

The writer

They are very attentive and always writing stuff. Anything the lecturer says is in their notebook, even if he coughs. There are very helpful when you need a book to photocopy.

The dresser

Most Fashionable

Herh!! dressing be what ? They dress to lectures like they’re going for a fashion show. They always want attention so they become…

The late comers

I’m late so what ?

They’re not even embarrassed to come for a lecture late. They walk into the lecture hall as if they are the ones coming to teach the class

The person who is always asking questions

I have 7 more questions for you sir

Always asking questions so they sometimes become the lecturers favorite. They can express themselves freely and even challenge the lecturer sometimes

The I’m always tired person

Lord, I’m Soo tired

You’ll probably find these kind of people in a morning or evening lecture. You don’t know what they do but they look soo tired every single time.


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