Remember Ded Buddy? We Talked To Him About His 500 Unreleased Songs And His Return To Music


After leaving the music scene for eighteen years, Eric Kwesi Okine Turkson is back to give his fans the best of music tunes as he is known for. Popularly known as Ded Buddy, Kwesi is best known for his major hits like ‘Akwaada Wesewa’ and ‘Yebesa’.

The musician who left Ghana for USA in 1998 spoke to on his upcoming project and why he left the music scene after releasing a few hit tracks. This is how the interview went.


Kuulpeeps: Where have you been?

Ded Buddy: I’ve been travelling around. I’ve been in the States for school and to study a lot about music. 

Kuulpeeps: When did you leave Ghana.

Ded Buddy: I left Ghana in the year 1998 

Kuulpeeps: How long have you been out of the industry?

Ded Buddy: I’ve been away for about 18 years now. 

Kuulpeeps: Between these 18 years was there a time you made a trip to Ghana?

Ded Buddy: I came back in 1999 to release an album but it wasn’t released due to some record label issues.

Kuulpeeps: Why did you leave the music industry?

Ded Buddy: One of the reasons I left was the fact that my dad had just passed away, which was a big blow for me. The other reason  was because I had to go back to school. 

Kuulpeeps: Can you tell us why you’re back in the country?

Ded Buddy:  Even though I was eventually going to come, my Colours album is the main reason I came back, and also to get in touch with my fans.


Kuulpeeps: Do you have any upcoming projects?

Ded Buddy: Yes I do. I have a couple of projects but the most important one is my ‘Colours’ album. 

Kuulpeeps: Tell us something small about your new album.

Ded Buddy: It is a crossover album which has 17 tracks. It includes genres like RnB, Afrobeats and Electronic Dance Music tunes.

Kuulpeeps: When should we expect to hear the whole album.

Ded Buddy: Soon. It will be released on a record label in the States. 

Kuulpeeps: What should we expect from you?

Ded Buddy: Expect more great music because I don’t deliver nothing less of quality music. 
Kuulpeeps: Any final words for your fans?

Ded Buddy: I want to thank my fans for sticking with me for this long while, and also for believing in me. 


During the interview, Ded Buddy disclosed that he has about 500 unreleased song. He concluded by advising the youth to be respectful, talk less and do more.


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