Becca’s Fans Praise Her After She Addressed Criticisms That Her Hips Are Fake

After being criticized by a lot of individuals that she has been wearing hip pads, Becca disclosed on a celebrity talk show, Vibes In 5, hosted by Arnold Mensah Elavanyo that her hips are natural but not fake.

Arnold Mensah Elavanyo and Becca during the talk show

She addressed the issue on Instagram with a nice picture of hers captioned,

“When they say it’s fake but, you don’t roll that way!!! Still love you all!!! As African women we are naturally endowed. We come in different forms, shapes and sizes and even skin color. This is what I have and appreciate. Iove you and what you have, be content and most of all let the beauty inside you reflect on the outside. Thank you God!!”



Most of the comments on the picture showed  her fans praising her after she addressed the issue.

image image image image


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