12 Kinds Of Roommates Everybody Wants

In  the University community, everyone is bound to meet some cool people who will help make life fun and memorable. It becomes super cool when such individuals are your roommates because you get to see and interact with them all the time.

Sit, stay glued as we walk you through twelve kinds of roommates everybody yearns for in college.

1. The witty one



These are people who can easily crack you up when you are feeling down. They just know what to say and when to say it. You consider these people as the funny type. Everyone loves to be around such people.

2. The Fashionista



Who doesnt love to have free fashion tips? They seem to know more about cloths, shoes, bags and which colours      match and what to wear generally for every occassion. This kind of roommate will always be that personal wardrope expert you have always wanted. Who doesnt like such a person.

3. The Partying Roommate



Obviously, parties are fun but it’s much fun when you have a roommate who literally turns it a notch.

4. The Deebee Roomie


These people are literally your personal banks when you are broke. You stick to them like glue or suck them dry like a tick. These people are mostly kind hearted and will give out their personal belongings whenever you need them. Be in their good books and that’s a surety for a fun room.

5. The story teller

story teller

Whether the stories they tell are concocted or real life events or experiences, it is always fun listening to their ‘tooli’. Who even cares about it’s authenticity? What’s most important is, they are just fun to listen to and everyone will want them to be their roommate.

6. The roommate who always has a plan



These kind of people always have a format to whisk you away from every trouble you find yourself in. Sometimes it is baffling to wonder how they come up with such ideas but since they will help you out of your problem, everyone loves them.

7. The Doctor


These guys seem to have remedy and medicine to every medical complication. Why the need for a first aid box when you have such individuals as roommates? It is confusing sometimes why they never entered into the medical field. Whether the advice they provide is accurate or not, they come in handy and everyone wants them as a roommate.

8. Captain Filla

Gifty Andoh Appiah

Information is key and the lack of it is worrying. But having a roommate who has all the juicy stuff always keeps you abreast with current information and trends so that you are not kept in the dark. Who doesnt like roommates who break the news before it is popular?

9. The counsellor


Counsellor lutterodt koraa mfa ne ho. From relationship to family to personal issues, these individuals seem to have solutions. They are the shoulder to fall on and have a good listening ear. They are just worth having as roommates.

10. The Risk Taker


Naturally, most people are risk adversed but it’s always good to have someone who will encourage and push you to try new things. They are considered as the vim givers. Tell me who woudn’t want such people as roommates?

11. The Abitrator

bonding people

They are the glue that holds everyone together in times of disagreement. They just know how to calm tempers when they rise. Everyone needs a unifier and this is what they stand for.


high school

Who doesnt want a roommate who you can easily vibe and jell with? A friend from high school offers this familiriarity. They know you as well as you know them and will always be the best kind of roommate everyone will want.


Which one of these do fall in?


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