Five Kinds Of People You Will Meet In The University

Okay, so most Universities have released their admissions and if you had admission to your dream University, you are expecting to have a nice time studying in the University of your choice.

As you are moving to a new community it is expected that you will meet different kinds of individuals from various backgrounds with  whole different perspective of the world and how things work.

I want to introduce you to the “famous” five of university life. These people you will definitely meet before you finish the four years in university.

The Church Mice


They are called “Chrife” for short. These individuals are deeply rooted  in Christianity and  believe that doing the work of God will give you the grace to pass your exams as compared to studying. They move from room to room to alert people of the beckoning end. These individuals are all for the kingdom business. They are regulars on the prayer field and mostly date the “Prayer papas”.

The Party Freaks


Ahaa! I bet you will like these people no matter what. In the University community, there is not a single day there is no party. These individuals are present at every party and they have invite for every party in every corner of campus. If you go to a party and you do not meet them then I bet you they have been hospitalised.

The Bookworms


Yes they are there at every level of education. These are individuals who sleep, eat and think about books. They are the smart guys who make the good grades. They are always seen behind their books and never miss a single class. These are the individual’s who will cry when they make a B+ in course that saw most students fail.

The Dada Bees


These are the kids of the rich in society. They have a very high social class and use the best of everything. These are the kids who use the flashy cars and reside in the expensive and best hostels on campus. With the boys, they get all the ladies they want. They “burga” during vacation and will be flaunting their picture on every social media platform just to give pressure.

People With False Identities


These people live a LIE! Their entire existence is a lie. The  air that they breathe is even a lie. They claim to be kids or relatives of people who don’t have any idea of the existence of their lineage.They try to live lifestyles that they  cannot afford and thus leads some of them to steal to keep up with their lies.




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