The Grace of God Should Change My Daughter- Nana Yaa Jamaica’s Father Speaks

Father of Nana Yaa Jamaica, the lady in Lord Paper’s ‘Awurama’ music video has asked for the grace of God to change his daughter’s life so that she can be saved.

Nana Yaa Jamaica featured in the much talked about ‘Awurama’ music video by Lord Paper which has explicit content.

But speaking on Accra-based Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review Show, father of the lady said:” I ask for the grace of God for her so that she can change and become a good person and a saved soul for God. This is because the movement she has started will not help her so she has to come to the realization of the goodness in God, that is all I have to say”.

Lord Paper’s Awurama however mentioned on the same show that she shot the video without the knowledge of any of her parents, mentioning that her mother is her only worry in the whole issue.

She indicated that if her father was a good father, he will not sit on national radio to wash the dirty linen of his family.

Nana Yaa Jamaica aka Awurama who is known in real life as Pearl Darko has since come out to say that nothing happened in the music video and that  it was all acting.


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