Mark Zukerberg Tasted Nigeria Jollof And He Liked It


Facebook founder, Mark Zukerberg, has described Nigeria Jollof as delicious after tasting the meal for the first time during his first-time visit to a West African Country this week.

“So we were sitting down and I said I want some traditional Nigerian food and they showed me a tonne of food. Jollof rice and shrimps, delicious,” the 32 year-old billionaire said.


He however mentioned that his close Nigerian friends cautioned him against comparing Nigeria Jollof to that of other countries, something believed to be because of the raging debate on Social media between Nigerians and Ghanaians with regards to which of the countries prepares the best jollof.

Mark Zukerberg who was speaking at the Facebook Q&A with Coollink at Landmark Event Centre in Lagos also added that he enjoyed Nigeria and the pounded yam, another delicacy of Nigerians.




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