Types of Roommates

At certain times in our lives, we will have to share a living space with someone other than a family member. So, here are the eight types of roommates you will possibly have.


The Jackass


This roommate is one of the worst people to share a space with. They have absolutely no regard for you, your personal area or your daily functions. They leave the place in a mess for you to clean, and no matter how many times you ask them not to, they will still shave in the shower and choke the drain. You honestly can’t wait to move away from the person and when you do, it will be the best day of your life.



The Slob


This roommate is the most disgusting person you’ve ever met. Or at least, insanely messy. You have to hold your breath when you enter the bathroom and avert your eyes when you walk in the room. Sometimes, the Slob’s mess manages to find it’s way to your side of the room and living with this person is scary because you never know what you’ll find next.



The Ghost


This person is never there. Seriously, you never see this person because they get home super late and wake up super early. The only sign that they live there is the fact that stuff keeps moving around and the notes that the person leaves for you.



The Interior Decorator


This roommate is not necessarily a neatfreak, but your room looks like a spread in some interior design magazine. Everything is colour-coordinated and speck. The Interior Decorator insists on keeping everything presentable, as if the President is coming over.



The WHY?!


You don’t understand why this person does what they do. They do the weirdest things for the weirdest reasons. They could find a way to smuggle a goat into your room and say it’s because they want to observe the bowel movements of ruminants.



The Cock-Blocker


This roommate is the most frustrating. They take it upon themselves to interrupt everything you do, especially if you are having someone over. They have the worst timing in the world, and to top it off,  they make the entire situation awkward as hell.


The Newsroom


This is how you find out all the campus gossip you don’t care about. This roommate knows everything about everybody on campus and is friends with a good majority of them. The Newsroom also CANNOT keep their mouth shut, so be careful what you share with them.



The Library


This person is the most studious person you’ve ever met. They are always studying and their side of the room is made solely out of books. Textbooks, novels, magazines, almanacs, encyclopedias, whatever it is, if it’s a book, they have it in their room.



Remember, people are varied and so, not everybody will fit completely into the categories here. There are also many more categories than the ones here, so please comment the ones I left out. Bye!


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