Becca: Bisa Kdei Kissed Me, But On My Cheek

Ghanaian singer Becca has denied reports that she passionately kissed highlife ‘Pioneer’ Bisa. In a video which trended on social media recently, Becca could be seen giggling as Kdei appeared to kiss her in a dark environment. But in an interview with Kumasi-based Luv FM, Becca denied that the two had kissed.


Becca stressed that she had not kissed Bisa before, and that Bisa only kissed her cheek while they were shooting a music video.

“We were actually shooting a video…you will see I saw him and kissed him on the cheeks,” she said.

Becca expressed regret that journalists did not scrutinise the video well before reporting that Kdei kissed her.

The two have been rumoured to be having an affair but Becca has consistently denied that.


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