7 Types Of People You Will Find In A Group Chat

Group chats are a blessing for friends who are moving away from each other but still want to stay in touch. The recent university graduates and the high school students who just wrote WASSCE definitely get how important group chats are. “Nananom Association” is one of the many group chats I’m in (and don’t worry if the name of your group chat isn’t as cool, we can’t all be naming geniuses). What I’ve noticed is that people in a group chat usually fall into one of these categories.


The Planner


This person always wants to get the members of the group together for one event or another. Somehow they know when every event is going down and try to get the members of the group physically together every opportunity they get. In most of my groups everyone says they’re down but the planner usually ends up getting browned and inevitably comes to complain in the group.


The People Always Advertising Something


These people are always posting some kind of ad in the group. “Their guy” always has something everyone needs to check out. The things people advertise in groups are usually music (yeah, cause WhatsApp is how every underground rapper goes mainstream), phones, shirts and some of the strangest things you could ever think of.


The Guy Always Moving To People


This guy always has an opinion about everything anyone in the group says. And no, not a good opinion. He expresses this opinion without reservation and sometimes throws in a roast or two usually annoying a lot of people in the process but what are you going to do, punch him through the phone?


The Funny Guy


This person is the one in your group chat always posting memes and funny videos. Sometimes when I’m in a bad mood a dose or two of memes from this guy is exactly what the doctor ordered.


The Guy Who Reads Everything But Never Responds


This is the type of person who you could even forget is in the group chat. This person basically just observes the group chat by reading everything that goes on in it but hardly ever makes any actual contributions to the chat.


The People Who Are Always Confused


These people always come into the chat in the middle of a conversation and ask what’s going on. They could easily scroll up and find out what the conversation is about but instead they just ask. In their defence though, nobody wants to scroll up when there are hundreds of unread messages from one group.


The Guy Who Comes Into The Group Once In A Very Long While


This guy comes into the group, makes conversation with almost everyone and then he doesn’t appear in the group for a really long time. He’s active when he’s around but hardly ever is.


Which of these accurately describes you in a group chat? Let us know in the comments.



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