Why Olympic Athletes Bite Their Medals

Most of us have been wondering why athletes at the olympics bite their medals. Some think these athletes bite their medals to check if their medal is made of real gold. Obviously that can not be the reason since the Gold medals at the Olympics are made of 99% Silver. To some it’s just an old habit by medalists.

“We have no idea why they do it,” Anthony Bijkerk, secretary-general of the International Society of Olympic Historians said. “As far as I know, it is an old habit.”

Two former Olympians; Natalie Coughlin and Dawn Harper-Nelson finally revealed the secret behind this mystery.

The Photographers tell them to do it! 

“They’re screaming, ‘Look at me!’ You just have everyone yelling demands of ‘Smile!’ and ‘Bite your medal!’ Harper-Nelson said.

“They wear you down and they make you bite it,” Coughlin agreed.

So now we all know the photographers are the main reason behind all this medal biting mystery.