7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The 2016 Olympics

The 2016 Olympic Games last night was off to a very colorful start at the opening ceremony in Rio. We might have an idea of a couple of things about the games, but here are some facts of the Olympics you might not know.




Let’s start off with our own country Ghana. Ghana has won just four medal since the very first edition of the Olympics. The last time we won an Olympic medal was way back in Spain, 1992.


Independent Teams


206 teams are taking part in this year’s Olympic Games. Out of the 206, there are 2 independent teams; Refugee Olympic Team and the Independent Olympic Team. These teams are in context of the ‘worldwide refugee crisis’ and also as a result of international sanctions or political transition respectively.


Number Of Medals


There are total of 2488 medals to be won at the Olympic Games. There are 812 Gold, 812 Silver and 864 Bronze Medals at the Olympics.


New Comers


Kosovo and South Sudan are the two first timers to compete in the Olympic Games this year.


Total Number Of Athletes 


The total number of athletes at the games are 11,436. The United States of America has the highest number of athletes with a total of 552 participants in the Olympics. They are followed by the host nation Brazil with 475 Olympians. Teams like Chad has the smallest number at the games with only two Olympians.


Gaurika Singh, Nepal. 


Gaurika Singh is the youngest athlete in this year’s Olympic Games. She is 13 years and 255 days old and will be competing in the 100m backstroke.





Georgia is the first country at the Olympics to include a mother and her son in an Olympics team. Three time Olympics winner Nino Salukvadze and her son Tsotne Machavariani would be representing Georgia in the Pistol events at the Rio 2016 Games.


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