Ladies! Here’s What You Need To Know About Vaginal Discharge

Before I begin, FYI: IT’S VERY NORMAL AND HEALTHY FOR DISCHARGES TO SHOW IN YOUR PANTIES. Most ladies get bummed when they see these discharges. Its pretty normal and part of a woman’s vaginal cycle.That ~vaginal moisture~ is just a mix of cervical mucus and vaginal secretions.

image: tumblr

image: tumblr

What’s “normal” will vary from person to person and throughout your menstrual cycle. But you’ll typically notice a clear discharge without any notable odor or texture. You might notice a little bit every day, or nothing on some days and a lot on other days and its normal.

The amount that shows up in your underwear can depend on these factors.

Menstrual Cycle

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 If you’re ovulating (and not using birth control), you’ll probably notice an increase in discharge around ovulation, and the texture may be a little stretchier, like egg whites. Or there may be a little less right after your period. The amount can also change if you’re pregnant, or low in estrogen.


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image: google

If you’re taking hormonal birth control, you may notice a little less discharge. Even allergy medicine can dry it up a bit. Another cool thing about discharge: It’s like a vaginal barometer that tells you if something is up.


image: menstruationresearch

image: menstruationresearch

Healthy, normal discharge (again, depending on what’s normal for you) is generally a sign of healthy estrogen levels, blood flow, and vaginal pH. This is a natural way the vagina keeps itself healthy and cleanses out any foreign substances or things that could be irritating. But if you notice a big change in the amount, texture, color, or odor of your discharge, that’s when you should check in with your doctor. It might be a sign of an infection, particularly if you notice a strong odor, itching, or a change in color.



The bottom line is that vaginal moisture is a normal physiological process. Don’t freak out.

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