This Is Why Tic Tac Is Suing Melcom

In May 2009, Melcom went into a 2-year contract with Ghanaian Musician, Tic Tac to use him as brand ambassador. The contract which ended in May 2011 allowed the shopping brand to use the musician’s images for billboards as well as his voice and personal appearances for promotional purposes. Melcom had until November 2011 to take down all billboards and promotional assets bearing Tic Tac’s image. 5 years down the line, there are still billboards using Tic Tac’s images.

According to the ‘Philomena’ rapper, the continuous presence of his identity on Melcom assets has affected his ability to secure certain promotional deals. He requested in his statement of claim that the court should declare the ongoing use of his images in the absence of a valid contract as a violation of the terms of their May 2009 contract, according to a report by

He also wants the court to order the company to take down the billboards carrying his images, in addition to the GHC 500,000 in damages he reportedly seeks.


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