8 Types Of Friends We All Have

All of us have friends, be it many or not. Here’s a list of the types of friends we could possibly make in life.



This friend is so dumb you wonder sometimes. They ask the stupidest questions, do the stupidest things, and when asked why, they don’t see anything wrong.



This friend always has money, wherever you are. They also always have the latest gadgets and clothes. Some even like to show them off.



The Shark is that smart friend some groups have. They always make everyone feel dumb, without actually meaning to.



People always have something offensive to say about this friend of yours. Sometimes, they don’t know it, but when they do, most of the time, they just take it like that.



They always have words of wisdom, whether you need them or not. Sometimes, it gets annoying, but usually,you’re used to it.


Multiple Offender

This person always manages to offend EVERYONE when they open their mouth. It’s like they don’t notice what they’re saying is making people react.


Quiet Madman

This friend is always quiet when you’re in public, but when you’re alone, they turn into this loud, talkative thing.


Funny Man

Whenever this person opens their mouth, you have to laugh. You don’t know how they do it, but they manage to make every thing they say sound funny as hell.


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