Things We Swore We Would Do This Vacation But Didn’t


This long vac we all promised ourselves we would a lot of things so we could make the most of our vacation. Some of us made lists of things we would do, others just kept them all in our heads. Now, for some of us, the vacation is almost over, and I can bet you’ve barely done all the things you’d planned. Here’s a list of things we promised ourselves we would do this vac.

Watch Every New Movie

For some of us, while we were in school, we didn’t have the opportunity to watch all the movies that came out. So some of us promised ourselves, and made lists, so we could catch every new movie that had already come out, and was going to come out. But, as time went on, downloading the movies, or even going to the cinema, became a matter of “I’ll do it later, there’s so much time.”




During the academic year, some of us were really behind in our studies and were suffering as a result. So, during the vac, we promised ourselves that for the next academic year, we were going to shark. And to do that, we decided to study during the vacation, so that when school started , we would be ahead of the class. Now, a few months in, and not much studying has been done.



Visit All Our Friends

During the school year, we had such a nice time being with our friends that we told ourselves that we would make it a point to see some, if not all of them during the break. But then, they had plans that didn’t mesh with yours, and now, there’s next to no time to go and see them.





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