6 Foods We Are Not Eating Right


Sometimes, we are so hungry we just want to eat anything. There are also times where we had all the time in the world to get what we want to eat. The problem is not about being in a hurry or having time, the problem lies with what we eat. Here are some of the foods we end up eating wrong.




Apple skin are rich in nutrients such  as fiber and antioxidants. This means you will be missing out on these nutrients if you peel the skin off. You may also be missing out on certain health benefits such as improved fullness and cholesterol control.




Most of the time we boil some veggies before serving them. If we boil vegetables before eating them, we end up sending nutrients like Vitamin C into the water which we end up throwing away. We are advised to steam our veggies instead of boiling them.




Tea and milk go together like a driver and his mate, but this time around the food combination needs an intervention. When milk is added to tea, it immediately takes away the heart-protecting benefits of tea. We are advised to drink our tea plain or add just a splash of lemon. This even helps to reduce weight.




We are used to cooking or blending garlic right after peeling the skin off. The truth is we are supposed to wait for about 5-10 minutes after blending our garlic before pouring it into our sauce pans. If heat is applied to garlic right after it is crushed, some health promoting compounds are not formed.




Banana is one of the fruits we eat on a regular at a go. But we are always eating it wrong when we eat it solo. The slim fruit contains high sugar contents and for that matter it must be eaten with a bit of fat like say groundnuts.




We all love some ‘gobe’ with some red plantain. But before we cook our beans, we are advised to soak it in water overnight. Beans contains some compounds that prevents our body from absorbing some nutrients. These compounds are released only when they are soaked in water.






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