16 Phone Games That Will Make The Wait For The Official Pokémon Go Release Easier

Even though Pokémon Go hasn’t officially rolled out yet in Ghana, a lot of people are playing it. So much so that the hashtag #PokemonGoAccra found it’s way onto Twitter. For those of us who haven’t figured out how to run Pokémon Go yet, here’s a couple of addictive games to play while you wait.


Candy Crush


All you have to do is connect three of the same type of candy. Simple, right? Give it a go and you’ll lose countless hours figuring out exactly how simple (or not) this game is.




This is one of the best quiz games on android with an array of topics that will blow your mind. Topics are as so diverse you have The Kardashians, Game of Thrones, Football, History and so many others you can think of. Play multiplayer against random opponents or against your friends.


Fruit Ninja


Fruit ninja probably doesn’t need much of a sell but here goes anyway. Fruits are thrown into the air and you swipe the screen of your phone to slice them up.


Colour Switch


This game involves guiding a ball through a minefield of colours. Try it once and you’re sure to get hooked.


Clash Of Clans


Clash of Clans is a pretty simple war strategy game that made it’s creators $2.3 billion dollars in a single year. You build a village equipped with weapons and troops and battle for supremacy. The game is played online against players worldwide.


Clash Royale


From the creators of Clash of Clans, comes Clash Royale. A live-online player versus player battle game, Clash Royale combines elements of trading card games and tower defence games.


Cut The Rope


The recurring theme with most of these games is apparent simplicity. That’s how they suck you in and then it gets “challenging”. The point of the game is to feed the frog by cutting the strings its food is held by.


Roll The Ball


Solve increasingly complex puzzles to create a path for the ball from the start to the goal.


MMM Fingers


Try to manoeuvre your finger through a field of hungry monsters who just want to eat it off.




A test of math and strategy, 2048 is about adding tiles that have the same numbers on them until you get 2048.


Piano Tiles 2


You keep tapping on tiles to create music for points and tapping on the wrong tile ends your game. The game features a collection of classical music, children’s songs and others. How fast can you go?


Word Search


Try to spot words in a sea of random letters.


Real Retro Games


This one brings all the “bricks” games you played as children onto your cell phone. This one will send you right back to your childhood.



maxresdefault (2)

Sup the blocks as high as you can. Don’t be fooled it’s much more difficult that it looks. It has to be otherwise it wouldn’t have over ten million views on the Playstore alone.


Killer Bean


Shoot your way through different levels and “last killers” as the most badass legume to ever appear on your screen.



maxresdefault (1)

Try to balance yourself on a thin platform while only being able to move in two directions. You’ll probably have the hardest time with this one.


These probably won’t give you the workout Pokémon Go would, but they could be place holders until Pokémon Go gets here and even your side games after it does.



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