Nine Things Our Parents Need To Stop Complaining About

We all love our parents. They feed us, worry about us… But sometimes, they just need to get off our backs about certain things. PRESENTING… Nine things parents need to stop complaining about!


Cleaning our rooms

Most of us can relate to this. There are some of us who can’t (neatfreaks), but most of us can. Parents seriously complain about this one. Now, one fine morning, you’re asleep, and all of a sudden you hear Look at this pigsty!! At that point in time, you think,  this is my living space and I’m comfortable with it. But you can’t really say that out loud, so you get you off your ass, and start cleaning.




All of us can cook.  Whether it’s  making cereal or a grand feast, we all know how to nourish ourselves. And that’s enough for us. But for those of us whose cooking skills are less than average,  our parents are on our case to learn. Especially the girls. They hound us at every opportunity to cook a meal for the whole family and find magical ways to trick you into doing it. They keep reminding you, “One day, you’ll be married, oh! Learn, oh, learn how to cook for your husband!” but the only thing you want to do, is drive a rusty nail through your skull.




Technically, they do have a right to complain about this, but… at certain times. Like, oh, I don’t know, WHEN I’M NOT ON VACATION!! Seriously.




You’re going out with your friends. You’ve done your shada and everything, you’re ready to go. You step out of your room and start to head out when you hear “Where are you going dressed like a rastafarian!!” (no offence to any rastafarians present). You can never set one foot out of the house without them making at least two comments about your outfits and honestly, it gets annoying.




All of us have at least one friend that our parents don’t like. They could be your best friend or even the person you’re dating, as soon as your parents see them, they start to comment. Oh, so-and-so is so rude, or this person needs prayer. No matter if you get along with the person just fine, your parents can not stop complaining.



Things our schools do

Now I know my school fees are expensive, but that doesn’t mean it’s my fault. If anything, YOU sent me there. It’s also not my fault that my school doesn’t use my fees for the right things. Stop complaining to ME.



Music taste

Back in the day, music used to be funky as hell. Our parents got used to that. Nowadays, with all these beats and raps, they find it hard to understand what’s so appealing to us about this and it doesn’t help that we love blasting our music throughout the house all day.




Whether you LOVE food or eat out of necessity, parents will complain about this. “Oh, you eat too much, relax.” and slightly scathing comments about possible weight gain for those us who love to eat. “You don’t eat enough, you look like a broom.” is for those of us who have better things to do than eat (quite frankly, I don’t believe that).



Things we spend our money on

It could be something you really need or something you bought for fun, they will complain. A pairs of slippers? “How many shoes do you have that you need more? You see, you don’t keep your shoes well, now you have to buy more and you’ll spoil this one soon, I’m telling you.”


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