5 Daily Habits That Will Help To Reduce Your Fat Belly

Summer is almost over and if you didn’t quite end up with the summer body you wanted, that’s too bad. It’s not too late though. Here are some steps you should follow if you’ve still got some belly fat to lose.

Respect Your Body’s Natural Rhythm

Just as the brain works slow when we are tired, the stomach digests heavy amount of food slowly at night. To reduce stomach bloating, we must try hard to avoid big meals during the night.

Reduce The Intake Of Caffeine

Even though caffeine helps to take out water and salt from the body it also increases bloating. Caffeine on the other hand may cause dehydration, which makes our digestive system sluggish, which could lead to blockages. I’m sorry to inform my coffee lovers out there that the less caffeine the better.


Most people think only beer can make our belly big but the truth is any alcoholic beverage is capable of making our belly puffy. Alcohol wipes out the beneficial bacteria in our digestive system that keep bloat in check. However you don’t need to abstain completely, a drink a day is cool.

Eat Measured Amount Of Meat

Meat takes a lot of time to digest and for this matter it takes a lot of time for the body to break it down and pass through the digestive system. This leads to a bloat. We are advised to adjust our diet so that we consume not more than four ounces of animal protein a day.

Regular Exercise 

After we have had all the booze and all the meat we want, and we are looking all puffy, we then turn to ‘Work Outs’. normal exercise like sit ups and push ups really help to reduce our bloated stomach.

Photo credit: https://traineracademy.org/