Six Ways Parents Disgrace Us In Public

Every parent does this. Don’t lie to yourself by saying you don’t get embarrassed, because whether you like it or not, you do. So, here are six ways parents disgrace us in public.

With their dancing

With their dancing
I’m sorry, but this had to be first. Have you ever had a function to attend with your parents, like awards day, and at the end of the program, they start playing your dad or mum’s favourite song? In your head, you know what’s about to happen and start praying to whatever god you worship, that they should please, pretty, please somehow stop your parents from getting up. But they get up anyways, and start doing dances you’ve never seen and hope you’ll never have to see again.

By yelling at us in public

Yelling in public (1)
Imagine you’ve done something you know parents will yell at you for if they find out. And for a while, they are blissfully unaware. But one fine day, when you are out with them, you somehow let slip what you did. Then… all hell breaks loose. Let me tell you, there is nothing more painful than being yelled at in front of total strangers. Honestly.

By yelling at us in front of friends

Yelling in front of friends (1)
It doesn’t matter if it’s their friends or yours, it is still embarrassing. The looks on the faces of the people around you, like Welp, this is awkward, just make it worse.

With baby pictures

Baby pictures
So. This one needs no explanation, but I’ll do it anyway. You’re going out with some friends or you’ve come back from a hangout and you invite your friends in. It could even be a boyfriend or girlfriend, it doesn’t matter. You go into your room and come out to see your parents showing your baby pictures to the person. All your naked photos, your big baby butt, just being shown to the person. Worse yet, your parents decide, “Hey! Let’s tell them the story behind all these pictures!” ‘Nuff said.

With embarrassing stories

Embarassing stories (1)
So, you’re out with your parents, and suddenly you see your friends. Your parents don’t know them, so you reluctantly introduce. Somehow, the topic diverts and your parents start talking about that time you ate three bowls of fufu and ended up throwing up on your grandma. Will the agony EVER end?

With embarrassing pet names

Embarassing pet names

Let’s say, as a child you had a nickname. Now, we’re imagining you were a child, it was probably incredibly stupid. Years later, you’ve forgotten all about that name, but one day… ZEWA ZEWA!!

Not all our parents do these things, and not all of us feel embarrassed by them when they do. But we all (at least, most of us) have parents who drive us crazy (I speak from VIVID experience) and we all wouldn’t love them any less for their antics.


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