14 Moments In High School That Surely Triggered Emotions

In SHS, there were several scenarios that either got us sad, happy, angry or shy (I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to a few).

Let’s see how best we can relate to these.

When you realize you missed dining whiles you’re broke

Awwooo!! My gari sef finish

When a lesson is over and the teacher is still teaching 

Really? I’m hungry

When you sleep during prep and you wake up to hear your name among the noisemakers list

When someone steals your notes days before the exam


When you break bounds with friends but you’re the only one who gets caught



You are a regular boundsbreaker but didn’t go this time round and you are called to DC to explain why you broke bounds

When teachers are on strike but your teacher still comes to class

Chale you dey bore waa

When you finish bathing and a senior sends you to fetch water


When your teacher catches you in town



When a senior seizes your bucket of water after struggling to fetch it


When the prefect reminds the teacher of the test he promised


When your table head gives you fish bone as protein

Immediately after flushing the toilet, and someone gets in before you



When you deny having provisions and they get stolen the next moment

Yiee Mewu!!!!


I bet you can relate to at least one of these.