The Essentials Of Ironing A Dress Shirt. How To Do it & What To Know 

Being a man means you are also self-sufficient and as such should be able to do certain things on your own and one trademark is properly ironing your clothes. In this case, your shirt.

Details matter when it comes to your appearance and making a good first impression. Wrinkles draw the eye of those you meet and make you look sloppy and out-of-sorts.

Let’s look at steps you can take in order to properly iron your shirt.

Firstly, Iron the Collar

This part of the shirt is the most visible as it frames the face especially when worn with a suit or a jacket.

To iron the shirt collar, pop it up and start with the underside, slowly pressing the iron from one point to the other.  Ensure that it is moist before starting, and if there are any wrinkles, press them to the bottom where they’ll be less visible.


Turn the shirt over and repeat the same process on the outside of the collar.


Iron the Cuffs Next

The cuffs also when worn with a jacket, stand out. It’s important to get it straightened perfectly.

To iron the cuff, first unbutton it and lay it flat.  First iron the inside of the cuff, and next the outside, moving all wrinkles from uneven fabric to the edges. Iron around the buttons carefully but not over them.



Iron the Shirt Front

Start with the side that has the buttons and carefully iron around the button area. Move back up to the top of the shoulder and work your way down the shirt with the iron. Repeat the process on the other side.

front-shirt-how-to-iron-400      Iron-dres-shirt-under-button400


Iron the Back of the Shirt

Lay the back of the shirt flat making it easy to slide down the iron. Do this for each half as it is easy to slide the shirt to complete the back side of the shirt. You can hook the sleeve head to the square end of the ironing board to make it easier.



Iron the Sleeves

Lay the sleeve out flat to prevent ironing two layers of fabric. Start ironing at the top where the sleeve is sewn onto the shirt and work your way down to the cuff. Flip it and iron the other side. Do same to the other sleeve.




No more creases or wrinkles bro! Straighten up.


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