7 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Became Born Again

In 2012, Ghana was declared one of the nations with the highest percentages of self-described religious persons by the Gallup International Association. Almost everyone in the country is religious to a certain extent. Most of our celebrities in secular fields pay respect to God in one way or another. There are some celebrities, however, who switched totally from the secular scene altogether and rededicated their lives, both personal and professional, to their religion.



Lord Kenya


Abraham Philip Akpor Kenya was the winner of the Hiplife Album Of The Year at the Ghana Music Awards 2001, winner of the Best Ghanaian (Rap Music) Award at the Anansekrom Festival in Canada 2000, and earned a string of nominations elsewhere. Lord Kenya’s musical career was cut short, though, when he received a divine message he just couldn’t blue tick. He’s now a pastor at Jesus Power Church.


Ofori Amponsah

Ofori-Amponsah-e1444720601716 (2)

Ofori Amponsah is the only person this list that became born again and then switched back to secular. As a secular musician Ofori Amponsah was by no means lacking when it came to awards. According to him he had lost touch with his faith hence the switch to gospel. He announced his return to Hip Life in 2015 saying it wouldn’t conflict with his responsibilities as a pastor.


Omar Sheriff Captan


According to former Tinsel star Omar Sheriff Captan, he decided to become a pastor after he miraculously prayed to heal his little sister who was suffering from convulsions. He continued to say that he wasn’t going to quit acting, though. Omar starred in movies such as Outrage and Dark Sands. He is married with one kid.


Yaw Siki


Isaac Okai, who is popularly known for his debut hit ‘Wope Dodo’ in 2011, survived a gory accident in 2013. After the accident he had to be on his back for three months in a device called a hallow vest. The vest was screwed to his head and left him unable to bath himself for three months. Yaw, as he prefers to be called now, is now a preacher. He preaches in trotros and between lanes in communities.


Nii Soul

Nii Soul

Nii Soul got his start in music through the reality talent show Mentor, on which he went by the name Joe. He switched drastically to gospel after a falling out with his then label boss Lawrence Asiamah Hanson, a.k.a Bulldog. Nii claims the falling out with Bulldog and his exit from BullHaus Entertainment had nothing to do with his shift to gospel.


Papa Shee


Papa Shee is a highlife and hiplife musician from Ghana based in the US. He is known as the Wonder boy and has graced many Ghanaian entertainment events in the USA. Papa Shee was known for his controversial lyrics which often led to him receiving criticism from his Ghanaian fan base. “Even if I will sing or mount a platform to perform again it will be purely gospel,” he revealed.


Azigiza Jnr


Born Victor Kpakpo Jnr, Azigiza Jnr’s Rap style earned him both international and local recognition. Even though he has currently given his  life to Christ and is focusing on evangelism he says he is not going to give up the name Azigiza Jnr. “Most people who knew me since my school days hardly know my real name, especially when this was made popular during my stint as a disc jockey and a showbiz man”, he explained.


These are the men who answered the divine call and are now trying to get others to.


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