10 Types Of People You Will Find In A Trotro

Trotros will make it into top 10 economic saviours for the modern day Ghanaian. Taxis are usually a luxury and we savour every second of it when we can but for those of us who are regulars in the Sprinters and Urvans we know they are good to us. If you are a regular, you also know there are some characters that you are likely to meet on a Trotro ride at one point in your life. Here are 10 of them.


The Mate With Body Odour

Nobody deserves this

Of course we have to start from the most traumatic. It is just ironic that the one who moves about the most is the one who messes up the entire atmosphere. It’s so rampant that I’ve wondered if all the mates decided at a GPRTU meeting to stop using deodorant.


The Preacher

‘I will be asking for voluntary offering but right after guilt tripping you with a few bible verses’

At one point in your life, you’ve sat in a trotro hoping for some peace and quiet only for a smartly dressed young man holding a bible to get in and take the car into higher realms. They used to spit all over people but somehow have learned how to block it all with the bible. Most of them won’t ask for money but you know you have to give something when he is done with his sermon on ‘giving to the Lord’


The One Who Falls Asleep… On You

There will be that one person who is so sleepy that you will have to play mattress for them. Fight the urge to give them a knock.


The Drug Seller


The drugs they sell cure everything and cost close to nothing. Somehow there is always someone in the car who has used it before and will testify.


The Speed Complainers

The moment the driver almost bumps into another car, he is going to get it. Even if it’s not his fault. A little too much wind in the car means the driver is trying to kill everyone and he will get the insults of his life.


The Guy Who Is Loud On His Phone

He will draw you into his phone call by shouting out everything he is saying on the phone.


The One Trying To See What You’re Doing On Your Phone

The way to deal with this one is to write an insult to him so he can read. It works magic.


The Person Who Keeps Lying About Where They Are

The bus just got to Lapaz but this guy says he is at Accra Mall. It is amazing how they do it with no shame.


That Person Who Won’t  Just Slide Over For You To Sit

He can just move over for you to sit down but he’d rather get up and turn sideways for you to go into the corner because he loves his spot and he won’t give it up for you.


Miss I-Have-To-Buy-Evereything-I-See

She will buy bofrot or Adinkra Pie with Fanice because, well the hawker was just there and the money was just here.


These are the 10 we came up with. Let us know which ones we left out in the comments below.




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