6 Categories Of People You Are Bound To Meet On Ghanaian Twitter

There are various kinds of people you can find on Ghanaian twitter and here are six of them with their descriptions.

The marketers



They help sell and push products through creating trends and running campaigns for companies who want social media awareness. They are paid for their services after handling these promos. Smart way to make some loose cash… Huh ?


The salvation fighters

I will beat you “basa basa” if you tweet at me again

Always causing unnecessary fights on the timelines, they literally carry it into the real world which lands them into trouble.


The avi slayers

Avi on fleek

They don’t tweet much but all they do is to change their Avi almost everyday. Rumor says these type of people will take their bath and apply make up just to take pictures to use as Avi. Their mentions are always on fire with nice comments from thirsty twitter “kraman” boys.


The killer deceivers


Herh!!… They can make heaven look like hell, they mostly claim to be extremely rich but they even struggle to buy common airtime.


The hilarious pack



Mostly the popular ones on twitter because can crack you up easily by creating jokes using memes, tweeting “Non Fa” and creating funny trends.


Direct message troopers


All they do is to slide into people’s direct message without any warning. They don’t care whether you are interested to chat with them or not and you dare not ignore them else you will be insulted for no reason.




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