Top 5 Most Followed Ghanaians On Instagram Right Now

Instagram; what a truly marvellous application. You get to indulge your eyes in some of the best ogling without the backlash you’d normally get from the ogled party. Ghanaians really love getting a peek into the lives of their favourite celebrities even if it’s just glimpses. Here are the five most ogled people in Ghana at the moment.


Yvonne Nelson (1.6 Million)

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Jackie Appiah (1.3 Million)

Jackie-Appiah1 Instagram-Style-Battles-Jackie-Vs-Rita-Zen-Magazine-Africa 47799492 002


Kevin Prince Boateng (1.2 Million)

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John Dumelo (1.2 Million)

64890605 John-Dumelo1 john-dumelo11 John-Dumelo-778


Sarkodie (846 000)

Sarkodie Sarkodie1 Sarkodie11 Urban-1


They’re all celebrities! *gasp* (not really, we all saw that coming). All the follower numbers are as of 11th, July, 2016 and are subject to change.


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