Feature: Making A Case For ‘M.I 2: The Movie’ As The Perfect African Album

mi abaga

Albums for me are like books. They tell complete stories and if the sequences don’t follow, it doesn’t make any sense. They are supposed to provide a guide to the life of the artiste, enlighten you on their hustle and inspire you through the rhythm and beats each lyric falls on.

Albums should make not just sense but an all-around one. And that is what M.I 2: The Movie offered. It was a visual tale of an average Lagos guy through the rhymes and metaphors of a master storyteller. Painting pictures with words that meant more than they offered, M.I created a space for the listener to dream while confining you in a tale of the ‘Action Man’ to ‘One Naira’.

From the first chapter of his story to the last, he made sure you love, lived and cried with the character who through resilience and persistence made their voices heard. M.I on ‘Imperfect’ opened a door to the constant personal doubt while ensuring that it is normal to be who you are. After all, “What’s up with this perfection anyway/ Who really is perfect?”.

With Praiz, on Epic, he makes a hip-hop tune with enough soul to qualify as gospel. “Sometimes when I look around at the face that I meet/ I realize there’s only one option and that’s when/ And that’s when I realize am epic/ Some people living sweet, my life is diabetic
I got ‘effin headache, I need to find my medic/ And there’s no one to call plus I got no credit/ I feel doubt is creeping in, I know I shouldn’t let it/ Plus I see what they wrote, I wish I hadn’t read it/ Or maybe I could pick and choose, I wish I could edit.”

The features are all well timed and calculated that nothing falls out of space. As you move along with each tune, one thing becomes clear that the album is a life on its own and a place where you can learn and grow. But if it doesn’t work for you, listen closely, you will find something or someone in there, who speaks to the core of who you are.

For me, M.I didn’t just make an album. He decided to make a statement. He built a universe where you could cry, laugh and be yourself without the hustle of conforming and that is upon which most of the classics we listen to now are built on.


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