Here Are People’s Views On The Things Men Have No Say In

In a society which is largely patriarchal, it is fairly surprising to know that there exist some issues which men are banned from partaking in. It’s definitely not proclaimed but men certainly know their place when somethings arise. Here are couple of opinions you should see.



I don’t have a say when she wants sex. As well as all other responsibilities. After all, they are my duties as a man.



Boys don’t have a say when it comes to how we feel during our periods since they don’t experience how much pain we go through. They can’t downplay our pain or whine about us being bitches or whatever. No periods, no opinion.




I think boys should have no say in your financial issues (Unless they are providing). He can’t be complaining if guys are giving you gifts because he has to know that once you are still with him amidst all of that it’s because you love him. Then again, as long as he’s not married to you, a guy has no say in your sexual relations with anyone.



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Men have no say in what you do with your personal money. They can’t tell you what to buy and what not to. Once it’s not their money, their opinions are best kept to themselves.




There’s no say when it comes to a woman and her hairstyle. You can say whatever you want, she will do it regardless.




A man has no say in the case where a woman he had carnal knowledge of is pregnant but he does not want the baby. He can’t ask her to abort the baby as she has the right to keep the child by law. Section 58 of the criminal and other offenses act does not allow for abortion. It is a criminal act  and one is liable of conviction to a term of imprisonment not exceeding five years. So a man cannot ask a woman to abort a baby on the basis that he is not ready to be a father.




I have no say when I want sex and my girlfriend says she is on her period. There’s no way around that.




A man has no say in how a meal is to be cooked at home.




Men don’t have a say in how much they spend on their women to get them all lovey dovey. If she demands 1000 cedis for make up and clothes or whatever, she must get that. Otherwise all hell will break loose. Some women will even put you to the test and say “if you love me, give me the money for the stuff”. You certainly won’t want that.



I don’t think my male status should prevent me from sharing my opinion. Especially in this age where gender fluidity is encouraged in some areas. But if there’s anything, I’d say experiences that only women go through and that I am not educated on (like periods).  To narrow it down to relationships, the only things to which your opinion  as a man won’t matter are telenovelas. She’ll watch it once she wants to.






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