8 Makeup Transformations You Can’t Ignore

Make up can change a person from zero to hero real quick. You might not even be able to recognize a person after a full blown face beat. Here are eight looks that can make your jaw drop.

1. This work was done by Make Up Obsessed. They’ve even got us doubting if it’s the same person.

2. Work by Glam Touch. How did all the blemishes and spots disappear? Amazing.

3. Another one by Glam Touch. This lady changed from Zinabu to Zinora real quick!

4. The power of make up! Done by Dress Your Face.

5. This face actually got a beat! Face beat by MaryMag Make up.

6. Look what we have here. Art by Shades and Brushes

7. Wow! Did she get a face swap? Nope she didn’t. This art was laid by Aziyah Makeover

8. No way, this can’t be the same person! But it is! This look was crafted by Beauty Sphere.

Make up is an art. Let’s learn to appreciate it.


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