Shatta Wale and Samini Tease Each Other On Social Media

Earlier this morning, Samini released a song titled ”Vextra” which was believed to be throwing shots at Shatta Wale indirectly. Shatta Wale after hearing the song took to twitter and mentioned Samini.

This was Shatta Wale’s first tweet where he metioned @samini_dagaati

Shatta Wale started calling him “Olu” in another tweet where he mentioned @samini_dagaati again

Shatta Wale tweeted a third tweet mentioning @samini_dagaati saying he is going to reply Samini’s  Vextra song later because he is busy at the moment

Samini replied Shatta Wale 11 minutes later with this tweet

Samini then replied to Shatta Wale’s second tweet laughing at Shatta Wale’s age because he called him “Olu”… lol

Samini later in the afternoon started teasing Shatta Wale that his Twitter account has no verification 

Shatta Wale hasn’t replied Samini’s other tweets yet, this is his last seen tweet


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