5 Green Smoothies for Weight Loss

Are you looking for some power-packed green smoothies for weight loss? Here’s the good news. Replacing a high-calorie meal you normally eat with a low-calorie smoothie promotes weight loss because you create a running calorie deficit which causes fat loss.

1. Debloating Green Smoothie


Total Time – 5 Minutes

Ingredients –

Frozen banana

Frozen strawberries (Can be bought from the mall)

Frozen pineapple

Fresh spinach

Coconut milk

Do you know that you can be a victim of unintentional weight gain even when you don’t increase the consumption of food or liquid? This can happen due to fluid retention, bloating or constipation. So, here is a thick and creamy debloating green smoothie that will help you to relieve a stomach bloat naturally.

2. Pear Ginger Lime Green Smoothie


Total Time – 5 Minutes

Ingredients –

Frozen mango

Fresh spinach


Fresh ginger


Coconut water

The sweet taste of mango, ginger and lime come together to create a delicious weight loss green smoothie. The pear adds some thickness and volume to the smoothie while the coconut water adds a refreshing tropical flavor to it.Ginger and lime make a powerful combination for weight loss.

3. Green Lemonade

Image: Pinterest

Total Time – 10 Minutes

Ingredients –

Ginger root

English cucumber



The green lemonade requires just 4 basic ingredients and the results are amazing. It boasts of the goodness of hydrating cucumber, fiber-rich apples, antioxidant-rich ginger root and lemon.

4. Green Power Smoothie

image: nurturemyguts

Total Time – 5 Minutes
Ingredients –
Unsweetened coconut milk



Fresh Spinach

Frozen pineapple

Sesame seeds

This delicious green satisfy the hunger pangs during late afternoon. It is a smart way to add 3 to 4 servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet in one go.

5. Apple Banana Green Smoothie 

Image: nurturemyguts

Time: 5 minutes
Small or half of a large apple, peeled and core

Frozen banana

Vanilla or almond milk

Greek yogurt (vanilla or plain)

Baby spinach


Don’t let the green color or the word “spinach” deter you from giving this recipe a try. If it weren’t for the green hue, you wouldn’t even know that this smoothie has spinach in it. All you taste is sweet apple and creamy banana. The spinach is there just to give this smoothie a boost of nutrients.

So, give them a try and enjoy!