7 Signs That Show You Need A New Phone

Getting a new phone can be a big decision so make sure it’s really necessary by checking if you have any of these issues listed below. A phone that desperately needs to be replaced will most definitely show signs of it so keep your eyes peeled for these.



The Apps Keep On Crashing


When you click on an app and it immediately crashes and continues to do this, it might be time to get a new phone. Even though apps occasionally crash due to bugs and glitches (regular updates will usually fix this), it shouldn’t be crashing basically every time you open it. This is a definite sign that you should drop that yam.


It Goes Off Randomly


Sometimes older phones can start to get overwhelmed with several clicks and switch off or reboot just to get itself sorted. New phones are very unlikely to do this as they can cope with much more than an older version can. So if your phone randomly goes off, reboots by itself or even doesn’t come back on at all, it’s definitely time to get a new one.

Apps Take Longer Than Usual To Open


It’s obvious that any app should open when you press it, but sometimes older phones are incredibly slow to register functions. So if you tap on an app, it might go a darker shade than usual because it knows you want to open it, but will take a long time to actually open. Can you think of anything more frustrating?


Notifications Are Delayed



Nothing is more disappointing than thinking you haven’t gotten any texts, messages or notifications when you actually do. You only ever find this out when you’ve rebooted your phone and suddenly they all come flooding through. Even if you have your notifications set to ‘on’, an older phone won’t display them as quickly and there’s often an annoying delay.

There’s Hardly Any Storage Left

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Sure, maybe you like to take loads of photos and download apps you don’t even need, just to keep yourself occupied, but if you’ve reached your limit of storage at least a couple of times it may be time to upgrade to one that has a larger storage capacity. You shouldn’t have to delete photos and apps you love for the sake of storage space.


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