Weight Loss Struggles: The Seven Stages Of Fitness

Let’s just face facts. The weight-loss journey is such an uphill battle for many. It looks pretty easy from all the posts of drastic weight changes overnight and healthy food gunk strewn over social media. Do not be misled. They do not tell of the tiresome hours spent jogging round the neighborhood and breaking your back from squats whilst juggling wild food cravings and the fear that you’d never shed an ounce of fat. Now I’ll tell you the truth, I can totally relate to how you feel and I’ve summed up the real madness the struggle for weight loss is into a couple of stages you’d like to see.


Stage 1: Shock and Disbelief

panda fat

So it’s been months of fast food, binging on chocolate, quick trips to your favorite ice cream spot for those moments you’re depressed, pizza night with the girls, beer night with the boys and it’s the eve of that important wedding but nothing fits!  Then it hits you hard how quickly you graduated from a size 10 to size 16 and the line “it’s all fun and games till your pants don’t fit”  makes more sense. Well congratulations, you just completed the first stage of fitness struggles.


Stage 2: Denial

Here comes the mental conflicts. They are terrible, really. It  escalates quickly from reassuring yourself you are not that fat to insecurities of how you feel your clothes are splitting at their seams. Then you make the great decision of working the fat off and proceed to sign up at one of the most expensive gyms (just because it’s prestigious and you strongly believe they can strip off your fat).


Stage 3: Anger


Since you’ve signed up at that great gym that is helping you get your sexy back on everything is just fine. Wrong! You’re tired of how many times you mentally admit that that gym was too darn expensive and how you could have found a cheaper place or worked out on your own. Now you are running on a tight budget and you can’t get enough to eat (as you are used to) which is probably a good thing, but you wished you were not this fat and all you seem to do is just be angry at yourself.


Stage 4: Bargaining



Here’s where you float easy. You have somewhat accepted your plight and you try to make a conscious effort to sail through. You start calculating calories, watching what you eat and you do the daily mirror and scale weight check. Your gym classes are going quite well (if you excuse the pains which make you crawl up the stairs when you’re alone). Oh if only these happy times last.


Stage 5: Guilt


Your taste buds got the better part of you! One box of pizza and a dozen cups of Coke later you are a guilty wreck.


Stage 6: Depression.


The fat is not leaving! Yes you’ve shed a couple of pounds but that’s it. Nothing else is happening. Depression sets in and every one whose body is in shape suddenly becomes a nuisance. You’re just bitter and miserable.


Stage 7: Acceptance


This is the final stage, the end of the road. You are done with this mess. You pack your trainers and everything associated with weight loss into the darkest corner of your wardrobe so you have no reminders of ever embarking on some Godforsaken journey. And of course you never set foot at that gym again. You have accepted it: the fat life is just for you and you are definitely better off like that.





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