This Is How The Kaya Forson/Ophelia Swayne Saga Ended

Following the many claims of unfairness, cheating and bribery that developed from professional swimmer Ophelia Swayne’s rant on Twitter last night, Kaya Forson’s father saw it necessary to make an appearance online to call false Ophelia’s claims and clarify issues.

The links he shared show Kaya’s times and results for each category she competed in in the Luxembourg games last weekend and the total history of all her times. He continued, saying;

Ophelia then had this to say to Mr Forson;

to which he replied, saying;

He ended on this truly inspirational note 
And everyone was moved.

All in all, we think that Kaya Forson’s father handled the issue really well, considering the allegations that were falsely levied against him and dispelling everyone’s doubts about Kaya’s eligibility in the process.


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