7 Things Everyone Seems To Get Wrong About International School Students

What do you think when you hear the words ‘international school’? I can bet you just pictured rich teenagers in state-of-the-art classrooms, with the latest tech and abysmal (yes, I said abysmal) grades.  Well, here are seven things most people get wrong about IS schools and students.


1. They are all rich

While a good number of IS students ARE rich, there are also a lot of us who can’t afford alot of things and are barely getting enough to pay our fees. Remember those kids they used to call during exam week, saying they hadn’t paid their fees? Yeah, we have those too.


2. They are all a bunch of deebees

Most people think of IS students as kids who have parents who dote on us and buy us whatever we want, never make us do any work and let us do whatever we want.


Now, I don’t know what type of parents YOU had, but this is not America. No sensible, GHANAIAN, parent, no matter how rich they are, would buy their kid any thing without a solid reason, nor would they let us live in a house we didn’t clean any part of, or let us do crazy, stupid things, without repercussions.

That being said, most of those kids do those things and pray to God their parents don’t one day find their Instagram accounts.


3. They Are Social Gods

Now, I don’t know how this even came up,  but not every IS kid is comfortable talking to people, left and right, 24/7. No. Some of us actually prefer a book over conversation and have no idea how most social networks work.


4. Their Schools Are State-of-the-Art and Have the Latest Tech

Some, if not all IS schools have adverts and signboards making them seem like state-of-the-art facilities with expensive, high-quality teaching equipment.

Half of those schools are lying. At least by omission.

Some of those schools DO have those things, but not for the students. Or maybe they have them, but not enough for the students or not in good condition.

Some of those schools are absolute sh*t. Sorry.


5. They Have Bad Grades

Now, read this. Some IS students actually DO do well in school and get phenomenal grades. Others (sadly, the majority) do not. Some float by with average grades and some get grades like FEED, DEDE and FUFU (yes, it does exist, believe me). Either way, there are IS students that get BAABAA and AABAA.


6. They Are Involved In Immoral Activities

Smoking, drinking, violence, drugs and sex. Admittedly, that does happen, but not everybody does it and neither does every school. Some of these schools have strictly enforced rules that prevent such things from happening.  The rest couldn’t care less.


7. Lax Rules
Mm mm. Nope. Do you know how many IS students WISH the rules were lax. All of us. Braided hair should be shoulder-length, haircuts should be even (meaning no fades, mohawks, gallass, or funky designs). Skirts should be one inch below the knee (this is actually a rule) and no sagging. Jeez, thank God for longvac, otherwise most of us would die (not literally, relax).


It’s not all rosy on the ‘IS’ side of life. That’s not to say it’s bad. It definitely isn’t bad. We wouldn’t give it up for anything.



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