We Asked These People If They Preferred E-Books To Printed Books. This Is What They Said

It’s 2016 and it appears that just about everyone is getting the hang of this technology thing and applying it in almost every part of their lives. But even then, there are some people that argue there are some things that technology just can’t replace one of which is books.

So we went in search of the most knowledgeable, geekiest people we know to weigh in on the e-books versuss printed books debate and they has this to say:



Physical books are very traditional. They actually have the power to transport you right into the depths of the story; makes you feel like you’re living it. Plus even though it sounds corny, books smell great (if you’d excuse the musty smell some of the old books get) and there’s a greater feeling of accomplishment from flipping the last page of a book than sliding it to a finish on your phone.


I prefer printed books…it’s nicer to turn pages than to click to the next pages. Reading from the screen sometimes hurts my eyes because of the excessive light from the screen..maybe because my eyes are already bad. Also, the printed book is more portable in my opinion though likewise can be said about the tablet. You can’t mistakenly delete a printed book unlike the ebook… Honestly there aren’t any tangible reasons…I just like having the physical book in my hand…it feels really good.


The feel of fresh paper is good. And the fact that we have been doing that for years, makes it hard to make a sudden switch. Also, I feel more fulfilled when I read off a physical book.


I prefer e-books because you can have a whole lot of books in one, plus it’s portable and it’s now cheaper. And yes I think very soon printed books will be taken over by e-books.


I prefer printed books e-books are fine too because it’s free..i like free plus wide variety.The only problem is i have a an eye problem which has to do with light.My new love now is audio books though.. the lazy can read.


Printed books are the best when it comes to reading, mostly because it engages your somewhat active participation when you’re flipping the pages. E-books make me feel lazy when I read.


I prefer printed books over e-books. Being a bookworm, I was practically raised by the characters books I read. E-books just don’t feel the same and they don’t give me enough of a reader’s high.



I prefer e-books to printed books because they are easier and lighter to carry around and you practically have your whole library around wherever you are when you decide to read. Also it’s a lot easier to find your place in an e-book instead involving myself in the whole fussy business of using bookmarks.


I prefer printed books because as an avid reader, there  is nothing better than holding an actual book in your hands. Also, e-books are good convenience, but when your battery dies then what will you do?

Maame Esi 

I prefer printed books to e-books and the first reason is my eyesight. It gets painful to stare at a screen for a very long time. Also, I like to touch the words as I read, and the feel of words is amazing!! As I am an old soul, something about being able to carry a printed book around holds an appeal. I also find that I am not as transfixed when I read e-books as I am when I read printed ones. Printed ones hold me captive even long after I am done with them.


I prefer e-books. In class I prefer slides to printed notes and not just for the economical reason. I find printed books too bulky. Searching for a particular thing in an ebook is way easier than a printed book. E-books are easier to access; like you can get access to them anywhere by saving them to your email. You don’t need to bother with bookmarks because most of them automatically go back to where you ended the last time.


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