Ridiculous Break Up Excuses Girls Often Get From Guys

When you get into a relationship, things are rosy and all lovey-dovey until one day you wake up and it’s all gone. You keep wondering what went wrong because some of the excuses these guys give are exactly what we don’t want to hear.


Our Lives Are Going In Different Directions.dude
One guy told a friend of mine that they should break up because they were done with school and he was moving back to Kumasi while she’ll still be in Accra so their lives are going in different directions. Nah b, we know you were just using her to help yourself finish your course.


I Don’t Want You To Get Hurt.

Man, This is even becoming a cliché. Yes I understand that you like me, so you care about my feelings but if you care so much about my feelings why don’t stop doing anything that is likely to hurt my feelings? Obviously you don’t care enough Well, since this sounds better than “I met someone else”, I’ll just keep calm.


I’m Not Really Over My Ex, And I Can’t Do That To You!

Really nigga? You didn’t know this before we started dating? If you liked me enough this wouldn’t be a problem. Nobody likes to be a rebound, nobody. Well aside the side chicks.


I’ll Be Traveling Out Of The Country, And I Wouldn’t Want It To Affect You.

Okay so now you’re using good intentions to cover up the fact that you’re not interested in the relationship anymore. Safe flight honey! I know it’s just an act.


It’s Not You, It’s Me.

As for this particular one, it’s already a cliché. Is it meant to hurt my feelings less? If it’s me just tell me man, so that I’ll work on it for the next person in line.


I Can’t Do This Anymore.

They usually pull this card when they get caught. What exactly can’t you do anymore? You are just too lazy to come up with a legitimate reason for doing what you did!


I’m Not Ready To Be In A Relationship.

One month into the relationship and you’re now telling me this? You jumped into the relationship without realizing the responsibilities it comes with and now you want to bail out. Cheers to you!

With all these nicely packaged break up lines, you think it would be easier for us to take you back if you come crawling back. Nah b, We’ve moved on, do same!




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