6 Types Of Co-Workers Everyone Has

When you join the working force, you spend more time at work than you do at almost every other place. The characters you have to deal with are so diverse but somehow, every workplace seems to have these specific 6 people there:

The Whiny Co-Worker

This particular one complains about every little thing they can fit into their schedule, can’t take jokes and is the kind to say stuff like ‘this is a place of work’ more often than is necessary. If you’re lucky, they eventually get out of their shells and get in on the teasing, although because of their history, nothing funny they do ever turns out funny to the rest of the office.
Tries Too Hard To Be Funny

This one is most likely going to be your boss or some other kind of high ranking staff member, which makes it difficult to not laugh at his jokes so he keeps thinking he is funny and churns out more jokes to keep the vicious cycle going. They usually become like that because someone laughed at a regular joke so hard they assumed they were the office clown. Speaking of office clown, that is the next type of co-worker.
The Office Clown

 This is the real funny guy. Even when they are not trying to be funny their words just come with the comedy. Usually the most popular guy in the office. The main problem with this one is that he gets carried away so much that he sometimes doesn’t know when to stop.
The Glutton

The self proclaimed food taster who needs to get in on every meal someone brings to the office. They are the reason why people hide their lunch and only eat when he is probably in a meeting. In spite of all this, he does not offer to give you some of his food when he is eating.


The Hottie

There’s always a stand out pretty girl every guy in the office tries to woo, and she never really turns anyone away because she loves the attention. She never has to pay for her own lunch, if she plays her cards right.
The Perpetually Idle Co-Worker

You’ve been working with him for a while but somehow you can’t really explain what he does. You probably know his job title and all but you can’t explain to anyone what his job is. Always looking for someone to chat with, especially when someone is busy working and somehow, they have stayed in the office long enough to make you wonder if anyone ever gets fired for laziness.



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