6 Things You Must Know When You’re Cheating On Bae

It’s normal for most guys to cheat on their bae because they can’t tame the dog inside them. Sometimes it’s not like we want to cheat but the devil is always tempting us you know. If you really love your girlfriend make sure you cheat on her without getting caught else… (let me leave that one out for now ). To cheat on her in peace do take note of these six points.


Have a game strategy

Time management is key, you’ll need an effective plan to achieve this goal but just make sure you spend about 80% of your time with bae and 20% for the rest.



Keep a low key profile

Don’t make it soo obvious that you are cheating on bae, be smart and use your head please. Make sure she doesn’t get suspicious else your cheating plan might fail.

Lets do this


Don’t keep records of the contacts of your side girls

Don’t  keep records of the contacts of your side girls to prevent unnecessary chats. Save their numbers differently on your phone but be very careful because even that hard guy who saved his “edible catering” was caught. The best thing to do is to memorize their numbers.

Ei!!.. I almost forgot Akua and Amina’s number oo


Be a prepared liar

Your girl will surely get insecure one day and ask you a lot questions. Be prepared for that,is normal. She might be like,”Baby, are you seeing someone else ? Or Do you still love me ?” Relax bro, dont freak out at all, just sweet talk her like a child.


Chat the girls on the right platform

My brothers, it’s very safe to chat your numerous girls on snapchat. Make sure you chat the girls on the right social media app to prevent any form of evidence that bae can get. Make sure you clear your whatsapp chat regularly since bae can go CIA on you any moment.

Go for the delete option


Keep the attention balanced

Make sure you give bae all the attention she needs in this world. Do buy her flowers everyday, play with her mind bruh!. Make her think you cheating on her is not an option.



May the odds favor you. Happy cheating.



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