5 Pets That Cost More Than Your Car

Paying for companionship is nothing new (brothels have been around since biblical times) but some of these prices for pets are simply outrageous.

White Lion Cubs (GHC 535, 816)

White Lion Cubs

For over 500, 000 Ghana cedis these cubs should come with Simba’s whole kingdom.


Sir Lancelot Encore (GHC 601, 822)

Sir Lancelot Encore

“Okay take this 600, 000 Ghana Cedis and give me a dog. I got tired of burning my money, anyway.”


Missy (GHC 4, 659, 274)


Makes sense if you’re going to trade her for magic beans


Big Splash (GHC 5, 824, 093)

Tibetan Mastiff

With the gold this dog shits, you could actually turn a profit. Great investment!


Green Monkey (GHC 62, 132, 800)


This horse doesn’t cost more than just your car, it probably costs more than your house too.


Noah should see how well the animals of the ark are doing for themselves these days.


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