We Asked Women Why They Love Beards; This is What They Had To Say

Beards are great. Beards are amazing. I know this because I have a beard and the compliments I get for them are great and amazing. There is so much pressure to grow a beard these days, forcing some to go to extremes like applying deep heat to their chins. If you relate, I am here to say sorry. Because beards are totally worth it. And to make my point, I asked 6 girls what it is about beards they love so much. These were their reasons:


Amanda- Masculinity

My heart skips a beat every time I see a guy with a full beard. It is effortless sexiness.


It’s gotten to the point that when I see a nice guy without a beard, I have to imagine a beard on him to assess my interest. I don’t know how to explain but it does things to me



Sarah Black: Portrays Maturity

“I like guys with beards because it makes them look mature”                                                 



Abena- Takes Kissing To A Whole New Level

“I like to kiss guys with beards because I get an extra feel from the contact with beard. The rough feel is exciting”



Anonymous, 26 – Better Head From Better Beard

“It’s nicer when a bearded guy gives head. I mean imagine the hair rubbing over places that need rubbing”






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