Five Photographers You Need To Look Out For


Photography in Ghana has become very popular to the youth within the country. Anyone who can get their hands on a camera can slowly move along the path to becoming a Steven Adusei or a Barak el Mahmoud (of Capture GH). In line with these well-known photographers, here are seven others you should be looking forward to getting your pictures taken with, if not working with them (I know I do lol).


Apag Studios
apagapag 2

How we were created is artistic, we are all unique and deserve a unique look and an original story to tell”- Apag (Apag Studios, n.d.)

He learnt his craft mainly from the internet and other books on the subject and has wonderful pictures to show for his work. He created a short film called The Assassin and has been travelling the country working on one documentary or the other. This 23-year old has worked with photographers such as Bob Pixel. Taking breath-taking shots from the Larabanga Mosque to Zaina Lodge and location after location. His pictures make your eyes pop and you wouldn’t believe the portraits and object photographs he has taken.


Steve Ababio

ababioababio 2

A seasoned but well-rounded and crafted photographer, Steve Ababio is a pro with the likes of Bob Pixel and Steven Adusei, Need I say more on this man (not that I don’t have anything to say…)



“Cliqing is the duty”. Ladies and gentlemen, Nana Kofi Owusu-Sekyere. He has made a great brand for himself as a photographer. Featuring in an article on, he talks about the life and works of CliqKofi as he discusses his origin story of how he found an interest in photography. More on him can be found here.


Jema Studios

jemajema 2

Anyone looking to Jemalize their moments, the Jema Studios team can make that happen ASAP. Their work focuses on art quality and satisfaction, making your moments live forever in a still image (sounds like something out of a fantasy movie but I can dig it). They became Jema Studios from Jema Photography last year and have never looked back. They offer wedding services as well as fashion and products, documentary, portraits and events.


Sorce Photography

 sorce 2        sorce

Like any other photography agency, Sorce offers high quality pictures from weddings to campus shots as well as abstract photography (this watch he took a picture of a while ago…wow). Creating beautiful imagery for you and just making you fabulous. That baby though…




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