You Should Not Be Giving These Replies In 2016

We all love funny phrases and witty retorts, until they are overused and you can tell just when one is about to reply with one, then they become annoying. We present you with some of these phrases that stopped being funny 1000 years ago.


“Quarter to buy your own”

This remark is used typically to respond when someone asks you for the time. I know I said earlier that they used to be funny. Well this one was never funny, it was annoying when it came out and  more annoying now.
“And so soak my gari”

This one happens when there’s an argument and the other party is asked “And so?” to which they always ever so eloquently reply with “And so soak my gari”. Guys, if you still do this, there’s still time to grow up please.


“The sky”

Personally, it still surprises me how many people still do this. It surprises me even more, how many STILL laugh at it, like why? If you still do this, I’m here today to tell you it is not funny at all. Thank me when you realise all those girls blocked you on whatsapp because you did this.


“To the king’s bottos”

Used whenever someone asks where you’re going, this one is annoying af. Wherever this came from, let’s please ensure it goes all the way back there, because this is really very irksome. Let’s all respect ourselves and refrain from this.



Another very annoying one but to be fair, it used to be funny and effective. USED TO! This is a retort for when one is in awe and says “Oh”, then another person responds with “Omo”. On second thought, it wasn’t even that funny sef.


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