6 Things That Always Happen At Circle

To take a trip to circle one must be both psychologically and spiritually prepared (please consult your mallam for more details), being physically prepared counts for exactly zip. If you’ve ever been to Circle then you’ve probably been a victim of at least one of the following;


“Just Let Me Put It In A Box For You”


The “business men” at circle make you think bargaining and trying to get a better price is where the real fight’s at. You finally arrive at a price that seems too good to be true (because it is, moron) and the person selling the phone just wants to put it in a box for you (fatality). You end up going home with the most expensive box of soap you’re ever going to use.


Tro Tro Pick Pocketing


When you see someone struggling to get into a tro tro just to get down again please check your pockets. You’re not checking to see whether or not you lost something, you’re checking to see what he was kind (or forgetful) enough to leave you.



Good Samaritans


Someone walks up to you and tells you to check your pockets because he saw someone else try to steal from you, and like the genius you are you check (game over).



Going To Fix Your Phone And Leaving With Whole Different Problems


You go to fix your volume key, get home and realise your sim port, camera and battery are all faulty (consider yourself lucky it’s only those, though).


Handbag Cutting


Some girls think they are invincible because they are clutching their hand bags so tight. Who told them that thieves at Circle don’t love a challenge once in a while?


Catching The Person Who Stole From You But The Stolen Item Is Not With Him


At Circle it’s all over the minute your stuff leaves your possession. Even if you catch the thief he probably won’t have your stuff anymore (that’s what we call an away match).


Circle, the land of the brave. Survive and you’re fit to lead 300 spartans.