Whip&Taste: How To Make Bachelor’s One-Pot Jollof

You’re single, you want homemade jollof but you can’t cook to save your life. Now who says you need a woman in your life before you can have yourself a hearty meal of rich jollof rice? All you need are the very few ingredients you’ll soon get to know about and of course me, Naa Klorkor Okai (scratch that bit about not needing a woman) to help you get your meal set.



2 cups of rice

3 cups of water


1 tablespoon of oil

1 onion

1 tin of corned beef

1 teaspoon of Gino curry powder

1tablespoon of Benny goat seasoning

Rosemary and Thyme spices (optional)





You’ll need a rice cooker to cook this. Start by pouring your rice into the cooker and add the allotted cups of water. Now dish out 3 full ladles of your stew into the pot and stir. You need to get an even red color as you don’t want your rice turning out very lightcoloured. You can add one more ladle of stew just to be sure.

After you’ve stirred it evenly, sprinkle a full teaspoon of  curry powder into the mix, followed by your tablespoon of goat seasoning and a pinch of thyme and rosemary to give it a really nice aroma. Add pepper and salt to suit your taste. Stir evenly.

Cut your corned beef  into squares or remove from the tin in scoops and place carefully into the mix. Now set the rice cooker to cook and as it does,chop your onion into little pieces. When the timer goes off, stir the rice gently, making sure the globs of corned beef do not get squashed. Put in your chopped onions. If the rice has little uncooked bits sprinkle a quarter of a cup of water very evenly in and set to cook again. This time it wont take as long as it did the first time, just be sure to turn the rice once more as it cooks for the second time. (with a wooden spoon of course).

You have properly cooked jollof rice when the timer goes off . Don’t forget to get a few snaps of your success for me before you dig in!




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