The Traumas The Albinos Face

Albinos’ very existence is constantly plagued with a myriad of misconceptions and prejudice against them. Employers pass over on albino employees, fathers don’t consent to their children marrying albinos and in some cases even the parents of the albinos themselves refuse to educate them solely based on the false premise that they don’t live long. Here are a few of the traumas albinos are faced with.


Albinos Banished From Atebubu

In the Atebubu/Amantin District of the Brong-Ahafo Region one such grave injustice was committed against a seventeen year old high school student. Master Yussif Fatau struggled and managed to work his way to an acceptance at Atebubu Senior High School as a Day student. In order to avoid a near impossible commute his father found him accommodation in town. Imagine being kicked out of a room you’ve paid for, by a landlord who doesn’t really have a choice because the traditional authority has issued him warnings. According to the traditional authority the mere presence of an albino in their town was taboo. It would be one thing if this was an isolated incident, but even  with the Human Rights Laws in the country the frequency of incidents like this keeps increasing. Incidents of this sort tend to leave you wondering exactly what it would take to evict some people from the darkness that is the ignorance that they live in.



Ritualistic Killings

The Executive Director of the Ghana Association of Persons with Albinism, Newton Komla Katseku, told Onua FM in an interview that they feared politicians would kill them for good fortune in the upcoming November election. In some parts of Ghana and in some other African countries it is believed that the body parts of albinos bring good luck. I couldn’t make this stuff up even if I tried with an Einstein level IQ. In places like these albinos are targeted for the supposed magical powers they are thought to possess and their body parts are processed by witch doctors into lucky charms which are then sold. Exactly how much do these ignorant imbeciles think a human life is worth?



In St Peter’s Senior High School Assembly at Ashaley Botwe in Accra, 33-year-old Wahab shares tales of hurt and brushes with death. Wahab has survived three attempts on his life. On each of these occasions, people wanted to use his body parts for ritual purposes.
“When I was born, people thought I was an evil child so they were just finding all ways and means to make sure they kill me when I was young,” he said. His father refused  to pay for his education because he feared Wahab would be dead before he could reap the benefits of his son’s education. Despite threats from his father Wahab wouldn’t compromise his dreams of becoming educated, things didn’t get easier for him though. “I was not able to see from afar, and whenever I moved closer to the board, they will be insulting me…Some call me monkey, other also say I’m evil, some say I’m a small god, some even get to the extent of referring as to a pig,” Wahab said.



A lot of us make jokes about albinism thinking we are just having innocent fun but the plights of this minority are no laughing matter.


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