8 Common Misconceptions About Albinos

Albinos have been treated unfairly pertaining to the misconceptions that people have of them from time. These misconceptions are absurd and most of them hilarious.

Here are certain misconceptions people have about albinos :


They are results of inbreeding or incest, that is, breed from closely related people, especially over many generations

The body of an albino has little or no ability to produce the colour of the skin, hair and eyes. This colour is called “melanin”. It is a genetic condition, which means it can be passed from parents to their children, but no studies have shown that this is a result of incest.


 Albinism is a punishment or a curse from the gods or ancestral spirits due to wrongs done in the family

  Albinism is a genetic condition that is passed on from parents to children. Many people are carriers of this recessive gene. Albinism is not a curse.

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Body parts of albinos make potent charms that can make people rich and successful

This is a myth spread by witch doctors in order to enrich themselves at the expense of others.



Drinking the blood of an albino gives extra magical powers

Albinos are human beings like anyone else and do not possess any magical powers.


 Albinos are sterile

Wrong! Albinos are fertile and can have children like other people.



Albinos cannot have regularly pigmented children

Albinos can give birth to regularly pigmented children if his/her partner is not a carrier of a similar recessive gene for albinism. The children may be carriers of the recessive gene but it will not be expressed in them.


Albinos are not intelligent

This is not true. Persons with albinism are intelligent and also perform well academically like other normally pigmented people. There are teachers, lawyers, politicians and musicians who are living with albinism. Two people don’t make that seem true. Moses Moses Foh Amoaning and Salif Keita. Foh Amoaning is a well known pastor and Salif Keita is such one person living with albinism yet a world renowned musician.



Albinos cannot see during the day but see well at night

Albinos have eyesight problems due to lack of ‘melanin’ pigmentation in the retina. They can see during the day and also at night, but they may either be short or long sighted and may need sight aids.




That the mother slept with a white man

Albino children look ‘white’ due to absent or reduced pigmentation but are not products of cross race sexual relationships.




That albinos don’t die, they simply vanish

Albinos die like other normally pigmented people. There’s no such thing as vanishing.

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 Albinos don’t take a shxt on Friday



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