5 Things You Should Not Wear To A Wedding

Weddings are carefully planned because for most people it is a once in a lifetime event. A bride and groom make extreme efforts to make the day memorable for themselves and their guests. So it would be rude to ruin their special day with your wardrobe choice.

For those who are clueless as to what wardrobe choices are appropriate and what aren’t, here are a few ideas that might be of help.


Don’t wear white.


If the theme is not white please avoid it; you’re not the bride. You may be her sister, cousin or best-friend, but don’t try to be the center of attention by wearing white. The bride may be okay with you wearing white but proper etiquette doesn’t require it. You are there to celebrate and support, not steal the spotlight.


Jeans and a T-shirt should never be an option.


Some wedding ceremonies may be casual, but even that doesn’t warrant your wearing jeans and a shirt. Instead, opt for a billowing maxi dress.


Don’t show too much skin.
















It’s okay to show off some skin at times but doesn’t mean you should over-do it because too much skin especially at an event like a wedding comes across as tacky and is just distasteful.


Follow the dress code if given.


When a dress code is given, please stick with it and honor the couple’s wish. If you have any difficulties following the dress code, respectfully decline the invitation.


Do not wear a gown or a tiara.


A wedding is not the place to wear a gown and a tiara to. It may look as if you’re intending to upstage the bride  to wear a gown to. It is disrespectful.


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