The Darnedest Reasons Why People Smoke Marijuana

It’s nothing new these days when you come across some pretty young person with a smoking habit. You might judge them, subconsciously or you might be indifferent. But more than once you may fail to question the reasons why they took up that habit. Each person swears they have the most reasonable reasons but trust me, I’ve heard quite an outrageous few and I’d love to share as usual.




Considering the fact that I had posed the question (of why they smoke marijuana) with all seriousness and an air of sensitivity and was expecting a response in kind, this answer literally threw me off guard. To smoke marijuana to escape jabbing hunger pangs when its effect will send you reeling back to the same problem is to keep yourself running in one vicious circle. Apparently it does work for a few.




This might not be new to a lot of us. I mean it’s very normal to go seeking for something to bury your sorrows in after a breakup. And nothing does that better than the comforting haze of marijuana or so I hear.


Sexual Prowess


I got this bit from the pros of the bedroom: “why get Viagra when marijuana with all its potency can help you bang your way to the ends of the world and back with the best of sexual skills and fire strokes very much intact.




How ironic can that get? Marijuana = Being high as Being high= walking around in a state of self-induced confusion? Wrong! Apparently you’d be as focused as a swarm of drunken bees.


Upgrades the Wooing Skills


This is from the guys out there who have once fumbled hopelessly when it came to chatting up the girl of their dreams, a good chug or two of marijuana sorted them out just fine and they still bear the evidence of their faith in it. (Not to say you should try it, there are many ways to kill the cat).




Just as boring as the reason itself, people smoke marijuana to stave off the feeling of boredom. It’s just as simple as that.


I’m open to more reasons by the way, do share with me.




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